inViable is

inViable is a creative scientific agency oriented toward technology design for sustainability and collective action.

Our philosophy can be summarised in Life Cycle Thinking: Understanding the world as a complex ecosystem integrated by the biosphere, societies and cultures. 

Our main goal is to contribute toward the transformation of human behavior for a cooperative and sustainable future with imagination and resilience.

We work on addressing the impact of human actions throughout their life cycle, to identify how we can act and improve processes, incorporating sustainability and cooperation in project design.

We have created inViable to develop tools that can help and support the process of transformation of our actions, together with the actions of institutions and companies and the ways we organise ourselves and relate to them. 


We design tools that help to undertake cooperative and participatory projects seeking social and environmental sustainability


We transform ideas and needs into technological proposals


We build platforms for organizations and groups so that they can develop their own projects