Visualizing the invisible infrastructures

It was the end of summer of 2012 when a crew of engineers and artists started a road trip to explore several sites linked to radioactivity in the area of Madrid and in other places in Spain. Fully loaded with free hardware equipment, designed to measure and visualize the natural radioactivity from the earth as well as the artificial radioactivity created by us as humans, they traveled and filmed what they saw, transforming nuclear radiation into image and sound.

At those times, inViable already existed, but did not have a name. Together with our friend Jorge Riechmann, we took a car one Saturday morning to join Sergio and his team in this atomic project.

The “Radioactive Thing” was research into transparency and nuclear secrets. It was designed to demystify radiation while building awareness of its risks. It was an imaginative vision of what it would be like to live with radiation. And above all , it was a clarion call about the importance of citizens having their own tools to be able to verify public health data provided by governmental authorities.

The documentary of this experience was selected for the Uranium Film Festival 2015, which has screened hundreds of nuclear and atomic films over 3 continents and in 6 countries. This is the 5th edition of what began in Quebec Canada, with the first session as a commemoration ofthe 70th anniversary of the explosion of the atomic bomb and the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945.

And the surprise… it won the Yellow Oscar Award!!!

We hope that, thanks to the Uranium Film Festival, more people can learn about the project. Like most infrastructure, energy infrastructure becomes invisible and we are strongly convinced that it is very relevant to open up the debate by helping to make visible the environmental conflicts that support development.

After the festival in Quebec, the International Uranium Film Festival will go on to Brazil, July 9 – 19 in the Modern Art Museum (Cinemateque) in Río de Janeiro and from October 5 -7 in Florianopolis.

Huge congrats to Sergio and Alex for this recognition of their terrific work!

The documentary is online here

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